Auckland Poker Tournaments Overview: SkyCity tournaments and NPPL pub tournaments.

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Discover the exciting world of poker tournaments in Auckland, New Zealand's hub for thrilling poker action. Auckland offers a diverse range of poker events catering to players of all levels, from casual enthusiasts to seasoned professionals. Whether you're looking for high-stakes tournaments, free-roll events, or friendly pub poker games, the city's vibrant poker scene has something for everyone.

Key poker events in Auckland include the prestigious SkyCity Auckland Poker Tournament, known for its professional setting and high-caliber play. This flagship tournament features various games, including Texas Hold'em and Omaha, with options for players preferring cash games or structured tournament play.

In addition to SkyCity, Auckland hosts numerous other poker tournaments across different venues, including local pubs and clubs. These events offer a great way to hone your skills, meet fellow poker players, and enjoy the competitive spirit of the game.

With tournaments happening throughout the year, there's always a game waiting for you in Auckland. Whether you're aiming to win big or just looking for a fun night out, Auckland's poker tournaments provide the perfect blend of challenge and entertainment.

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Monday to Tuesday::

  • Time: 6:30pm to 2am
  • Game: $1/$2 Cash Game
  • Buy-in: 50 big blinds minimum, 150 big blinds maximum

Wednesday to Sunday:

  • Time: 6:30pm to 2am
  • Game: $1/$1 Cash Game
  • Buy-in: Players choose the table/stake they want to play with a minimum buy-in of 50 big blinds

SkyCity Poker Tournaments

SkyCity Auckland has hosted several notable poker tournaments in the past, showcasing a range of formats and attracting players of varying skill levels. Some of the key tournaments previously held include:

  1. SkyCity Festival of Poker: This prestigious event has been a major attraction in the poker calendar. It aims to offer significant prize pools and has drawn participation from top international poker professionals.

  2. Waitangi Deep Stack Championships: Another important event in the SkyCity poker schedule, this championship focuses on deep stack poker, offering players a different style and strategy of play.

  3. Auckland Poker Championships: A staple in the Auckland poker scene, this championship is known for its competitive field and substantial prizes.

  4. Summer of Poker and Winter Series: These seasonal tournaments provide regular competitive opportunities for local and visiting players.

The specific dates and schedules of these tournaments have varied over the years, with events typically spread throughout the calendar to provide ongoing poker action. For the most current information on upcoming tournaments, including dates, formats, and registration details, it's advisable to check SkyCity Auckland's official poker website or contact their gaming operations directly. This will ensure that you have the latest details about their poker events

NPPL National Pub Poker League

Engage in a riveting game of skill and strategy with the National Pub Poker League (NPPL), a prestigious platform where poker enthusiasts come together to test their mettle against like-minded opponents. The NPPL brings a structured, professional league format to the popular pub poker scene, allowing players to compete in a fair and exciting environment.

A Walkthrough the League’s Structure

The NPPL operates on a membership basis, ensuring a community of dedicated and respectful players. To become a member, one must be at least 18 years of age and provide photo identification upon registration. This meticulous process ensures a high level of integrity and professionalism within the league, making the experience enjoyable for all participants.

The Competitive Edge: Tournaments and Rules

Tournaments are at the heart of the NPPL, with a typical buy-in of $20, an additional $20 add-on, and rebuy options to keep the stakes high and the competition fierce. The NPPL sets a clear and comprehensive rulebook to govern the gameplay, ensuring fairness and adherence to the true spirit of poker.

Some of the notable rules include:

  • Game Format: The NPPL reserves the right to change the blind schedule of any event. Players eliminated from a game are out unless it’s a re-buy tournament.
  • Calling for a Clock: Players are given a reasonable amount of time to make a decision, and a clock can be called if a player takes longer than a minute to act.
  • Table Assignment and Balancing: The Tournament Host assigns seating and manages table balancing and breaking to ensure a fair play.
  • Dealing and Mis-deals: Procedures for dealing, misdeals, and dealing irregularities are clearly outlined to maintain the integrity of each game.
  • Bet Amounts and Raising: The rules specify the minimum bet amounts, all-in bets, and the procedures for betting or raising, ensuring clarity and fairness in every transaction on the table.

The above are just a glimpse into the detailed rules that govern the NPPL tournaments, ensuring a standardized, fair, and enjoyable gaming experience.

Rankings, Events, and Where to Play

The league provides a structured ranking system and hosts numerous events throughout the year, offering ample opportunities for players to climb the ranks and hone their skills. Players can find a list of venues and upcoming events on the NPPL’s website, making it easy to join the action.

Engaging with the NPPL Community

The NPPL website is a hub of information and interaction. Players can sign in to access their profiles, communicate with hosts about login details, view rankings, and explore where to play next. The website also houses the league’s tournament rules, providing easy access to vital information for both new and seasoned players.

Fair Play and Etiquette

The NPPL emphasizes the importance of fair play and good etiquette. Players are encouraged to maintain a courteous demeanor, refrain from disruptive behavior, and adhere to the rules of the game. This emphasis on respect and professionalism sets the NPPL apart as a league of choice for serious poker players.

The NPPL hosts regular tournaments at various venues across Auckland, with the New Lynn RSA being a notable host for the regional finals. The league delineates its tournaments into different seasons, each culminating in a regional final where players compete for glory and a shot at bigger poker stages. For the 2022–2023 period, the regional finals are scheduled as follows:

  • Season 1 Regional Final: 21 January 2023 at New Lynn RSA.
  • Season 2 Regional Final: 1 April 2023 at New Lynn RSA.
  • Season 3 Regional Final: 10 June 2023 at New Lynn RSA.
  • Season 4 Regional Final: 2 September 2023 at New Lynn RSA.
  • Season 5 Regional Final: 28 October 2023 at New Lynn RSA.
  • North Island Champs 2022 Final: 25 November 2023 at New Lynn RSA​

The poker fervor in Auckland isn’t confined to a single venue or event. Players from across the city come together to participate in these tournaments, showcasing their poker skills and strategies. Among the notable players who’ve made a mark in recent tournaments are Angus Hennah, William Edmonds, and Bill Song, who triumphed in the Season 4 Regionals​

The National Pub Poker League extends its poker canvas beyond the borders of Auckland. With over 150 pubs participating countrywide, the NPPL paves the way for poker enthusiasts to engage in free poker games and tournaments. This widespread engagement underscores the league’s popularity and the growing poker culture in New Zealand​3​.

Not to be overshadowed, the Auckland Regional Final serves as a stepping stone for New Zealand’s best poker players to vie for a seat in major poker competitions in Las Vegas. The stakes are high, and the competition fierce, as players battle it out for a chance to compete on the global stage​

The National Pub Poker League is more than just a game; it’s a journey of strategy, competition, and camaraderie. It’s where Auckland’s poker community converges to celebrate the sport, learn from each other, and aspire for higher stakes. As the cards are dealt, the NPPL continues to be a realm where poker dreams are folded and unfolded.


The National Pub Poker League offers a robust platform for poker aficionados to compete, learn, and engage with a community of like-minded individuals. With a well-structured rulebook, a variety of venues and events, and a strong emphasis on fairness and etiquette, the NPPL is a shining star in the pub poker scene, beckoning players to join and up their game. So, shuffle up, deal, and may the best hand win!

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