Exploring Chancery Square: A Vibrant Blend of Dining, Entertainment, and Culture in the Heart of Auckland

Chancery Square, a vibrant and culturally rich area in the heart of Auckland, offers an eclectic mix of dining, shopping, entertainment, and cultural experiences. This comprehensive exploration of Chancery Square delves deeper into the various attractions it has to offer.

Chancery Square in Auckland

Culinary Delights

  1. Obar: This Korean restaurant and bar serves a range of flavorful dishes, including Sizzle Kimchi, Pork Belly Soup, and Corn Butter Cream Chicken. The Obar Snack Bar is a go-to for quick, tasty Korean snacks​​.
  2. Caffé Torino and Krispy Kreme: For those with a sweet tooth or in need of a caffeine fix, these spots in Chancery Square offer delicious coffee and sweets​​.
  3. Hon Izakaya: A must-visit for Japanese cuisine enthusiasts, offering an array of traditional Asian specialties​​.

Shopping and Pampering

  1. Adrienne Winkelmann's Boutique: Fashion lovers will appreciate the unique creations at this boutique​​.
  2. The L Nail & Beauty and Ai Massage: Perfect for those seeking relaxation and beauty treatments​​.

Entertainment and Leisure

  1. Poker Ape Cafe: A unique venue combining casual poker with a café atmosphere. It's beginner-friendly and perfect for socializing over a game of poker​​.
  2. Vagabond Games & Collectables: Offers a variety of games and collectables, with special events and workshops for gaming enthusiasts​​.
  3. Sushi Train and Circle K: For a fun and interactive dining experience, or quick snacks and essentials​​​​.
  4. AS Wine Merchants: A destination for wine aficionados, offering a selection of wines directly from vineyards​​.

Cultural and Historical Significance

Chancery Square's charm as a modern village square stems from its rich history dating back to the first land sale in 1841. The area is known for its stylish and modern architecture and is located near cultural landmarks like Albert Park and Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki​​​​.

Upcoming Events

Chancery Square hosts various events throughout the year, catering to a diverse audience. For example, the "Campfire Stories" event in February 2024 will feature LGBTQIA+ authors from across Aotearoa​​.


Chancery Square in Auckland is a dynamic and multifaceted destination, offering a blend of culinary, shopping, entertainment, and cultural experiences. Its rich history and evolving nature ensure that each visit is filled with new and exciting discoveries.

For the most current information and upcoming events, it's recommended to check Chancery Square's official website or local event listings.

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