Kevin Martin: A Poker Prodigy's Net Worth Journey

From Radio DJ to Poker Champion

  • Early Days: Born in a small northern Alberta town, Kevin Martin's career began far from the poker tables. After high school, he embarked on a two-year journey in radio and television, eventually becoming a radio DJ in Southern Alberta. Kevin Martin early career
  • The Poker Shift: In 2014, Martin discovered his knack for poker. Initially playing in small Canadian casinos, he quickly moved up the ranks, winning his first major tournament in 2016 at Run It Up Reno II. Kevin Martin playing poker

A Storied Career in Poker

  • Live Tournament Success: Martin's live tournament earnings total a remarkable $398,224, with a record of 52 cashes over eight years​【oaicite:4】​.
  • Highlight Year - 2018: This year was a turning point with multiple significant wins, including a second-place finish at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and the Main Event of Summer Super Stack​【oaicite:3】​.
  • Online Poker and Streaming: A pioneer in poker streaming, Martin has been showcasing his skills on Twitch since 2015, attracting over 132,000 followers. Kevin Martin streaming

Big Brother Fame and Beyond

  • Reality TV Star: Martin's television career includes winning the fifth season of Big Brother Canada, significantly boosting his public profile​【oaicite:2】​. Kevin Martin on Big Brother
  • Sponsorships and Brand Deals: His poker expertise and TV fame led to sponsorships from major poker platforms like PokerStars and GGPoker.

Kevin Martin's Net Worth in 2024

  • Net Worth: Estimated at $24 million, Martin's wealth is not just from poker but also from his TV appearances, online streaming, brand deals, and investments​【oaicite:1】​​【oaicite:0】​.
  • Diverse Income Sources: His earnings come from live and online poker, as well as his presence on various social media platforms.


Kevin Martin, with his unique blend of poker talent, streaming charisma, and reality TV fame, has carved out a niche for himself both in the poker community and beyond. His net worth of $24 million as of 2024 is a testament to his diverse skill set and adaptability. As a respected figure in the poker world and a beloved TV personality, Kevin Martin's journey from a radio DJ to a poker legend is nothing short of inspirational.

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