The New Lyn RSA Club: A Community Hub for Leisure and Engagement

Facilities and Activities

The New Lyn RSA Club, located at 2 Veronica Street, New Lynn, Auckland, is more than a leisure center. It's a community hub fostering friendship and spirit. The club boasts:

  • Freyberg Restaurant: Offering a daily changing menu of delightful dishes.
  • Bar and Function Room: A well-stocked bar and customizable space for private events.

Poker and Gaming

As a part of the National Pub Poker League, the club hosts poker events every Wednesday. Players register from 7 pm, immersing in a structured poker environment. The club also features about 18 slot machines for a comprehensive gaming experience.

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Monday to Tuesday::

  • Time: 6:30pm to 2am
  • Game: $1/$2 Cash Game
  • Buy-in: 50 big blinds minimum, 150 big blinds maximum

Wednesday to Sunday:

  • Time: 6:30pm to 2am
  • Game: $1/$1 Cash Game
  • Buy-in: Players choose the table/stake they want to play with a minimum buy-in of 50 big blinds

Membership and Community Engagement

Open to individuals over 18, the club has four membership categories:

  • Returned Members: Veterans of war or peace deployments.
  • Service Members: Active or retired armed forces personnel.
  • Associate Members: Those aligned with the club's values but without military service.
  • Junior Members: Ages 13-17, with adult consent and supervision.

The club honors past servicemen and women with a daily recitation of an ode at 6 pm.

Additional Amenities

Offering a courtesy van and sports facilities like snooker, darts, pool, and golf, the club ensures a well-rounded experience for all members.

Operating Hours

  • Monday to Thursday: 11 am - 10 pm
  • Friday to Saturday: 11 am - Midnight
  • Sunday: 12 pm - 9 pm

The New Lyn RSA Club stands out in New Lynn, Auckland, for its diverse offerings, inclusive membership, and commitment to community values.

Note: For visual and multimedia content, please refer to YouTube videos related to the New Lyn RSA Club or its poker events. Additionally, the club's official website and social media pages offer current images and updates on facilities and events.

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