A Comprehensive Guide to Poker Redeem Codes in 2019


Hi there! Today, I'm excited to delve into the world of online poker, particularly focusing on poker redeem codes from 2019. While the world of online poker is vast and diverse, redeem codes are a key aspect that can enhance your gaming experience. Let's explore what these codes were all about, how they worked, and why they were so popular among poker enthusiasts.

What Are Poker Redeem Codes?

Poker redeem codes are essentially special codes used in online poker platforms. They're designed to offer players various benefits like free chips, bonuses, or even entry into exclusive tournaments. In 2019, these codes were particularly popular, offering players an edge in their gaming sessions.

How Poker Redeem Codes Worked

  1. Code Entry: Players entered these codes in a designated section on the poker site or app.
  2. Bonuses Received: Upon successful entry, players received bonuses like free chips.
  3. Enhanced Gaming: These bonuses allowed players to enjoy more games without spending additional money.

Popular Poker Redeem Codes in 2019

WSOP (World Series of Poker) Codes

  • General Info: WSOP, a major player in online poker, offered various codes.
  • Types of Bonuses:
    • Free chips every four hours.
    • WSOP bracelets as collectibles.
    • Entry into Texas Hold'em tournaments.
    • Exclusive events and clubs access.
  • Redemption Process: Players redeemed these codes on the WSOP app or website.

Specific 2019 WSOP Codes

  1. GLYNMOD18: Offered 20,000 free chips.
  2. MATTMOD2: Provided a bonus of 20,000 chips.
  3. MARKSLOUNGE18: Another code for 20,000 free chips.

It's important to note that these codes were time-sensitive and might not be active now.

Benefits of Using Poker Redeem Codes

  1. Cost-Effective: They provided a free way to enjoy games.
  2. Enhanced Experience: Players could access exclusive features.
  3. Encouragement for New Players: Newbies could start with a decent chip stack.

Caution: Fake WSOP Coin Generators

Beware of fake coin generators promising unlimited chips. These are often scams that can harm your device.


Poker redeem codes in 2019 offered a fun and cost-effective way to enhance your online poker experience. Although these specific codes may no longer be active, they played a significant role in the online poker scene. Remember to stay updated with current codes and always use them from reliable sources.

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